How to Buy?

How to Buy?

How can I order a product I like on your site?
Direct sales from our site are not allowed. You can get the product purchase link from us by simply sending the product ID.

So why is direct sales not allowed?

All product links on our site are received by us through the affiliate system of Aliexpress, Ebay and Banggood companies. The links they give us are “time-limited” and so we want to take this step to make sure the links clicked go to the correct product. (Example: If a product link we bought 5 months ago has a 90-day clickable permission, our earnings will be affected, so we do not want to add it instantly.)

What should be considered when buying a product? (Example:)

How many products were sold, comments and evaluations made by people who bought the product. If the rating is below an average of 4, we think that it may be a much more problematic store. Therefore, the choice is entirely yours.

I ordered the product, who should I contact next?

We just send you the purchase link. After the order, you should stay in contact with both the store and the organization that provides the main e-commerce infrastructure.

Generally, upon your request, you will only be sent purchase links from one of three organizations.


These are the stores of Aliexpress, Ebay and Banggood companies.

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